Joomla! 1.5.15 is coming! But, before it can be officially released, Joomla! Team needs you to help test it. The main purpose of this test release is to determine whether propsed fixes indeed allow Joomla! to run on PHP 5.3 correctly. The other reason is to make sure fixes for TinyMCE don't introduce additional bugs into Joomla! system.

In order to achieve those goals, three groups of users are needed: (1) those who use PHP 5.3 to see how this version runs on PHP 5.3; (2) those who don't use PHP 5.3 to see whether any things are broken; (3) those who use TinyMCE as the editor to check that bug fixes work as expected.

Since this is a test release, it should only be used for testing purposes, and should not run on any production environments.

Download for this test release is available at

In case you find any problems related to PHP 5.3, please report them at the tracker: For problems related to TinyMCE, please report them at


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