Installation Package

Once you finish all the translations for a specific language, you can click on the Languages button at the Language Files page to go back to Translation Manager screen. This is where you can pack all the translation language files into an installation package for distribution or deployment.

The process of creating an installation package couldn't be more easier with Translation Manager. You only have to select the circle next to the language set you want and then click on the Package button. A compressed language pack will be generated in the folder as specified in the settings.

You can download the created language pack, and use Joomla!'s installation tool to install it on other Joomla! sites you build.


There are a few bones can be picked with this great component. The first is mentioned earlier regarding the parsing of detail information from comments. Understandably it is difficult to guess information from comments, but it should at least not mix up phrases with comments.

The creation of an installation package always include all the language files in the set. There are situations when you'd like to exclude certain files from the pack. Unfortunately for now you will have to manually edit the compressed file and the XML script.

When translating a large language file, you might get annoyed having to scroll down to find the phrases required translation. It may be helpful if there is an option to hide already translated phrases to make it more manageable.

Translation Manager component proves to be a valuable tool for building a multilingual Web site. While Joom!Fish facilitates translation of site contents, Translation Manager makes translating static texts used in core, components, modules, plugings and templates a more enjoyable task. Highly recommended to anyone building multilingual Web sites.


FaLang translation system by Faboba