Configure Virtual Machines and Test

We now have to create +autovm.nn files for those virtual machines to be controlled by the scheduled tasks. Simply place an empty file named +autovm.nn in the folder of the virtual machine, where nn is a 2-digit number used to determine that virtual machine's starting order. For instance, the first virtual machine to be started may have a file +autovm.01 in its folder. Please remember the stopping/suspending order is the reverse of the starting order.

To test the tasks, please open Task Scheduler again and go to the folder you created earlier. First, select the task which starts VMs, and click on Run from the menu in the right pane. Use your VMware Workstation under the adminsitrator account specified earlier to check whether those virtual machines are indeed started. If they are started as planned, you can select the stopping task and again click on Run in the right pane to stop/suspend them. Check with VMware Workstation to see they are indeed stopped/suspended.

If everything works as expected, you should restart the host system twice to make sure those scheduled tasks start/stop virtual machines during host startup and shutdown. Go through the procedure if something not working as planned.


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